Book Review: The Girl in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Reading Challenge Category: A Nordic Thriller

Rattled travel Journalist Lo Blacklock has survived a home invasion which puts her relationship on the rocks as she leaves for the biggest assignment of her career. Filling in for her sick boss, she is off on the maiden voyage of a luxury boutique cruise liner, travelling around Norway and the North Sea in search of the Northern Lights. On board, the glitz and glam of how the other half live leave Lo stunned. But not as stunned as when, in the middle of the night, a body is thrown overboard from the cabin next to hers…
Still reeling from having her home violated, Lo is determined to seek justice for the woman thrown overboard. The more she pushes the topic, the quicker she learns there is no one on the boat she can trust.
The Girl in cabin 10 is more plain sailing than thrilling boat ride. Much like her debut novel, Ruth Ware has constructed a simple story, with unconvincing characters. Their actions lack any convincing motivation and she fails to give the reader clues to build suspense, opting instead to spring advances in the story on the reader instead. She has even recycled a ‘missing cellphone’ angle from her first novel, which lacks originality. Even when our heroine finally sets foot in Norway the author just manages to articulate her struggle for survival and justice. The Girl in Cabin 10 shoots and misses when it comes to being thrilling, but may be enjoyable for those looking for an easy read.

Two/five stars.

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