Book Review: 1984 by George Orwell



Category: A Book Originally Published Between 1900 – 1950

Individuality. Free thought.
All banned by Big Brother and The Party in Oceania.
Winston Smith is living in a post-war dystopia where the ruling party need to control everything from how you speak to what you wear, and even what you think. Surveillance is paramount.
Increasingly unsettled by life in Oceania, Winston sets on a course of defiance in hope of finding the Brotherhood, the resistance. Along the way he discovers Julia and together they find delight in their silent rebellion.
But when you defy Big Brother… There may be no return.
Released in 1949, Orwell wrote of a dystopia where surveillance is paramount, control is essential and individuality is non-existent.
1984 is a work of fiction which may very well be more relevant now, than it ever has been. In the light of the recent Facebook surveillance scandal and what we now know about how our technology use is tracked, 1984 is a novel that rings more truth now about our daily lives and how we are monitored without being aware. It will make you consider your consumer habits and question if we really live un-influenced, free lives. 1984 is a classic novel, which everyone needs to read, and re-visit in order to remind ourselves of what may be lurking around the corner.
1984 will make you question freedom in this post modern world.

Four/Five stars

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