Kia ora koutou, nau mai haere mai. Hello and welcome!
Ko Sarah toku ingoa. My name is Sarah.

So, What’s my story?

Where to start when you’re explaining yourself?
I started this blog after returning to New Zealand after two years living in Edinburgh in the U.K.
There, I fell in love with the city like I never knew I could. I walked through the streets with an indescribable feeling, akin to contentedness, happiness and joy, every single day (even when it was raining and windy and below 0). I met the most inspiring, kind-hearted and generous people I had ever come across. I forged incredible friendships and saw some absolutely amazing things and I started to become a pretty alright human being.
And then I had to leave.
I wasn’t ready, but it happened.

I returned to rural New Zealand, living in a place with no family, no close friends and a major lack of organised activities.

There’s so many components, small and large that make you, you.
In a bid to understand myself a little better, I hope to write about the little pieces of my life that make me, me.
This blog is a document of a journey towards getting back to being me.

And hopefully as you follow me on my journey to mental and physical wealth it’ll make you think a little bit about what makes you, you.