Kia ora koutou, nau mai haere mai. Hello and welcome!
Ko Sarah toku ingoa. My name is Sarah.

So, What’s my story?

Where to start when you’re explaining yourself?
I recently returned to New Zealand after two years living in Edinburgh in the U.K.
There, I fell in love with the city like I never knew I could. I walked through the streets with an indescribable feeling, akin to contentedness, happiness and joy, every single day (even when it was raining and windy and below 0). I met the most inspiring, kind-hearted and generous people I had ever come across. I forged incredible friendships and saw some absolutely amazing things and I started to become a pretty alright human being.
And then I had to leave.
I wasn’t ready, but it happened. And it hit me for six.

I returned to rural New Zealand, living in a place with no family, no close friends and a major lack of organised activities. Depression struck.

So, what’s to do with this new-found lifestyle? How can I make peace with this change of pace? The lack of social activities? The physical isolation from my nearest and dearest?
How can I get back to being a happy, healthy me?
I can do exactly what I was doing, minus the company. I can write. I can take pictures. I can create. I can share. I can laugh at my misfortune.

There’s so many components, small and large that make you, you.
In a bid to understand myself a little better, I hope to write about the little pieces of my life that make me, me.
And hopefully as you follow me on my journey to mental and physical wealth it’ll make you think a little bit about what makes you, you.